Promoting & Marketing
Certified Red Wattle Pork™
from our network of farms.

Animal Accreditation & Welfare

A Library of Marketing Materials

Would you like to make more money from your hogs?

Do you want to earn more money raising red wattles? You already have a premium product. Let the CRWPPA help promote your farm and develop a more profitable business model.

In addition, as a member of the CRWPP,  you will have access to on-site and video consultation that will save you hundreds of dollars in start-up and monthly expenses,

Our Goals & Objectives

Promote Red Wattle Pork to Niche Markets

Create a Network of Red Wattle Hog Producers

Provide an Online Presence for Our Member Farms

Maintain an Online Database & Registry of Certified Red Wattle Hogs

Accreditation for Animal Welfare and Husbandry Practices

Publish Educational Material for ANYONE that Wants To Raise Their Own Pork

Maintain an Online Database & Registry of Certified Red Wattle Hogs

On Site and Video Consultation

A Simple Process

1. Join the CRWPP

Simply pick the subscription option that works for your farm and you’re set to go!

2. Get Certified

Collaborate with the CRWPP and get your farm certified to sell Certified Red Wattle Pork.

3. Sell Your Red Wattle Pork for a Premium

Leverage the marketing efforts of the CRWPP and grow your profits!

"I used to raise hogs for Niman and had a hard time making a profit. I like how the Certified Red Wattle Pork Producers helps create a market for Red Wattle Pork and allows me, the farmer, to set my own prices and negotiate my own deals."

J. Kaufman - Michigan

Become a Certified Red Wattle Pork Producer

What does a certification do for your farm?

Enrollment of your Farm in the CRWPPA network guarantees buyers that you are:

    • raising animals to the highest animal welfare standards
    • selling highest quality of pork by keeping your animals in a low stress environment
    • feeding quality grains and forages
    • providing hogs with access to clean dirt and fresh water


Enjoy all the benefits of certification.
$ 199
  • Farm Registration
  • Farm Profile
  • Access to Certification Status
  • Access to Certified Red Wattle Marketing Library

3 Simple Steps to Earning Money with Red Wattle Hogs

Learn the three steps you can take to help ensure a profitable and fun experience by adding Certified Red Wattle pigs to your farm!

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